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Release Notes
Version 2.1.1
  Published Tuesday 13th of April 2021 08:46:28 PM
Added new Temp Control: Aim Control.
Version 2.1.0
  Published Tuesday 13th of April 2021 08:19:37 PM
Introducing Languages and Temp Controls, the most powerful animBot tool. Check out this guide:
Temp Controls
Anim Bot Language
Switching rotation order on non exposed attributes will not key them anymore.
Sliders Pop Up now closes itself after use.
Paste Pose will automatically switch rotation order to match target animation.
Implemented Roam Licensing for Enterprise Edition.
Hot fix for Time Offsetter Stagger tangents.
Hot fix for standalone Maya sessions on Python 3.
Fixed Simplify Bake Keys slider error: < not supported between instances of dict and dict.
Fixed Maya 2016 and 2017 error: global name QGuiApplication is not defined.
Fixed Paste Pose issue with rotation order keys not sticking.
Fixed Mirror All Keys applying just a section if there was a range selected.
Fixed tooltips getting stuck on the screen when switching to a different application.
Version 2.0.0
  Published Tuesday 13th of April 2021 06:25:53 PM
Ready for Maya 2022, contains all new features up to the version 1.4.26 (Workspace, Sliders Pop Up, Select Sets Pop Up and Mirror To Frame) as well as all improvements and bug fixes from the latest Ongoing release.
Please check release notes from version 1.0.16 up to 2.1.0 for more details.
Mirror To Frame
Select Sets Pop Up
Sliders Pop Up
Version 1.5.0
  Published Tuesday 6th of April 2021 08:38:35 PM
First version compatible with Maya 2022, a few new features and first version of animbot API. Visit this for more info:
Time Offsetter Stagger
Copy Keys
Cut Keys
Paste Keys
Paste Keys Relative
Delete Keys
Anim Bot Language
Compiled for Maya 2022.
Implemented API for sliders, Temp Controls and Time Bookmarks. More info at
Added Clear All Time Bookmarks command.
Added Snapshots for Playblast Visibility Mode and Animation Visibility Mode commands.
Implemented tangent support for Xform.
Implemented hotkeys for picking frames for Blend to Frame, Scale from Frame and Mirror to Frame sliders.
Renamed Motion Trail Object Space to Relative Space for consistency with other tools.
Share Keys will not key static channels for objects with animation in other channels.
Reverted feature that would make all tool widget windows to stay on top of others and made the Select Sets window optional.
Added an extra visual queue on the timeline when Auto Bots tools are running.
Changed the command name Deselect Non Keyed Objects to Select Objects From Keys, to improve its understanding.
Optimized paste animation speed when copying small ranges from heavy animation data.
Added support for multi Graph Editor.
Improved how Pull Push and Blend to Infinity calculates custom tangents.
Sliders and Nudge tools now maintain the timeline highlight selection for subsequent immediate use.
Implemented a workaround for the Maya motion trail issue when a Wire Deformer is present (motion trail shows up offset and shrunk).
Optimized how Motion Trail requests updates.
Some sliders will now perform even when there is no keys: Scale from Default, Blend to Default, Blend to Frame World Space.
Added tangent support for Time Offsetter.
Time Offsetter now cycles isolated for affected section.
Sliders Overshoot is now a preference that sticks through.
Sliders right click menus now show tooltips.
Control + Shift + Alt + middle clicking a button or menu item will open Hotkey Editor to set a hotkey for it.
Fixed mod key conflict from Blend to Undo and Blend to Frame World Space.
Fixed animation pasting speed slowdown when graph editor was visible and many objects were selected.
Fixed issue with paste pose not working on HIK limbs on an anim layer.
Fixed the issue with applying Smart Euler Filter without a selection would do nothing.
Fixed cycle issue with Auto Mirror and improved its performance.
Fixed an issue with Auto Bots tools packing a lot of events into a single undo chunk when left ON for too long.
Fixed issue when Smart Euler Filter would add an extra 360 degrees rotation to curves that key values were consecutively the same.
Fixed pop up windows such as Time Bookmarks sticking on screen even when clicking outside.
Fixed Zero Division error when using Motion Trail with transparency falloff on scenes with only 2 frames.
Fixed crash caused when inserting edge loop while symmetry and Tumble Around Selection was enabled.
Fixed Temp Pivot not refreshing the timeline keys when disabling it.
Fixed issues with undoing custom tangents.
Fixed Select Sets window getting 2 rows after renaming a set.
Fixed Smart Euler Filter lack of undo when applied to timeline with no selection.
Fixed issue with Motion Trail not updating after setting a range outside the original range.
Fixed crashes related to Motion Trail when other scripts sweep the timeline.
Fixed snapshot buttons not working when invoked from the Rig Snapshot section.
Version 1.4.26
  Published Tuesday 1st of December 2020 07:12:51 PM
Improved Time Bookmarks Panel resize rules when dealing with lots of bookmarks.
Select Sets will stay on top of tear off viewports.
Fixed issue when removing yellow or red keys with a range selected would remove green keys.
Fixed Select Set retargetting the button to a reference that is present in the scene, when the original reference is only unloaded.
Hotfix for Anim Recovery loading anim layer data.
Fixed issue where running Snapshot Opposite Controls on a second Maya session would not update the information in the main session automatically.
Fixed issues with interface scaling on Maya 2017 - Windows.
Fixed Select Sets window wrong initial height.
Fixed Select Sets initiating off screen.
Fixed Temp Pivot initial orientation being set to World Space.
  Published Thursday 29th of October 2020 04:47:05 PM
Implemented support for Enterprise Edition config.json generated via Self Checkout.
Fixed Select Set merging dialog when adding the same contents to select set.
Fixed Mirror Settings Snapshot exception.
Fixed minor exceptions.
  Published Friday 16th of October 2020 05:10:33 PM
Wrapping up release 1.4.x stabilization. Minor fixes might still come, but this should be considered a fairly good stable release.
Animbot will remember if you have ever activated a license, so it will not show the misleading dialog to start a trial anymore, if the license ever gets disconnected.
Fixed minor exceptions.
  Published Thursday 15th of October 2020 12:54:01 PM
Pull Push slider overshoot tweaked to overshoot up to 200 percent.
Added warning if aligning more than 50 objects, to prevent accidental use.
Added license editions visual queue to upgrade dialog.
Added scroll bar to Time Bookmarks Panel.
Optimized Time Bookmarks performance when multiple overlaps.
Mirror to Frame will now consider the relative frame pick. This will help mirroring cycle poses without constantly picking frames.
Fixed Motion Trail exception when trying to trail a NURBS vertex.
Fixed problems when current namespace was set to other than root.
Fixed other minor exceptions.
Fixed issue where applying Tweener with Smart Euler Filter would select all keys.
  Published Friday 9th of October 2020 03:57:36 PM
Optimized mirror performance.
Improved seamless licensing validation.
Improved Select Rig Controls algorithm.
Fixed zero division error when snapshotting a rig with no center controls.
Fixed all known exceptions.
  Published Thursday 8th of October 2020 12:44:39 PM
Big improvement for the Mirror Snapshot! That will drastically reduce the need of using Fix Mirror Settings.
Increased precision of Mirror Snapshot and added support for capturing non-xform attributes.
Added support for opposite controls and mirror when rig has controls with same node names.
Fixed license disconnecting issues for Mac users when Hostname system variable is not set.
Fixed not being able to select keys when Auto Select Opposite was enabled.
  Published Monday 5th of October 2020 09:18:46 PM
Fixed Smart Snap Keys issue that would left fractional keys if more than one fractional keys encountered.
Fixed a few exceptions.
  Published Friday 2nd of October 2020 08:16:51 PM
Important fix for Smart Euler Filter.
Smart go to Keyframe will jump to next or previous frame if there is no keyframes, instead of doing nothing.
Improved debug logging.
Improved license validation process.
Fixed issues with Smart Euler Filter screwing up rotations.
Hotfix for target copying pose and animation from one object to another.
Hotfix for supporting anim curves with quaternion rotation interpolations.
Fixed Mirror multiple keys with anim layers.
Fixed Paste Insert Animation from anim layers.
Fixed issue with Mirror and Select Opposite stop working when a new file is opened in the same Maya session.
Fixed unicode issues using Drag Drop installation when username has non-ascii characters.
Fixed issue with icons and gifs not loading when username has non-ascii characters.
Fixed a few exceptions.
  Published Friday 25th of September 2020 10:37:24 PM
Hotfix for anim curves with quaternion rotation interpolations.
  Published Friday 25th of September 2020 04:43:21 PM
Anim Recovery will now recover Select Sets and Time Bookmarks. In addition to that, we can now import Select Sets and Time Bookmarks from other scenes through Time Machine UI.
Improved Anim Recovery filter for DAG changes that should be ignored and limited tracking of changes to improve overall performance.
Added support for anim curves with quaternion rotation interpolations.
Added Time Bookmarks new feature: Affected by Nudge Tools. Now we can use animBot Nudge and Inbetween tools to edit Time Bookmarks.
Improved Add and Remove inbetween, now if a range with no keys is selected, it will use that amount to insert or remove inbetweens.
Fixed vertex Motion Trail on Maya 2016 and 2017.
Fixed error when previous object used in Temp Pivot and Motion Trail was deleted.
Fixed exceptional crashes when using Axis Orient to Camera.
Fixed eventual crashes when rolling pointer over Rotation Order switcher.
Fixed Select Sets close button getting unresponsive after importing sets.
Fixed Anim Recovery Smart Checkpoint Cleanup.
  Published Monday 21st of September 2020 07:21:51 PM
Hotfix for Anim Recovery encoding issues.
Hotfix for Mirror Pose.
Fixed Select Set renaming finishing executing on leaving button.
  Published Friday 18th of September 2020 04:30:44 PM
Mirror to Right and Left now can be applied directly to anim curves.
Fix Mirror Settings can now be applied to a range. Very useful when fixing the mirror setting after applying Mirror to a range.
Hotfix for Mirror and Anim Recovery encoding.
Fixed Select Set Pop Up button highlighting refresh.
Fixed the need to restart animBot after using Fix Opposite Controls.
Fixed correct tooltip showing up when holding mod keys.
  Published Thursday 17th of September 2020 07:02:11 PM
Hotfix for Set Smart Key.
  Published Thursday 17th of September 2020 05:41:29 PM
Important fix for Smart Euler Filter and Python 3 users!
Implemented tangents support when mirroring animation.
Added Lock Dragging to Workspace menu.
Improved target copying pose and animation from one object to another.
Fixed Smart Euler Filter not matching rotation propagation.
Fixed Auto Mirror and Auto Xform not bundling the undo chunk if undoing too quickly.
Fixed Set Smart Key on multiple frames for linear curves.
Fixed Maya 2016 errors (PySide.QtCore.QSize object has no attribute scaled).
Fixed Anim Recovery unicode decode errors related to user path.
Fixed a few exceptions.
Fixed Python 3 error (module urllib has no attribute quote_plus).
Fixed Select Sets decoding issues for Python 3.
Fixed tangent weight issue when pasting weighted tangents animation.
  Published Saturday 12th of September 2020 12:19:53 AM
Implemented support for scaled interface (Windows users on 4k monitors).
Improved how Copy Xform tools remember last selected objects.
Improved Bounce Tangent for weighted curves, now it scales to 0, so it preserves the bounce on changing.
Added Auto Key check at startup. No more losing poses accidentally after resetting prefs!
Auto Mirror will turn off Auto Select Opposite and vice-versa, those tools are not meant to work well together.
Force showing items in menu even when that option is off in Maya prefs.
Added ability to snapshot preferred default pose for single objects on the fly.
Fixed some more exceptions.
Fixed Attribute Switcher showing double rotation orders.
Fixed Motion Trail getting out of sync when undoing at other frames.
Fixed Smart Go To Frame caching the undo frame.
Fixed refresh issues when using World Space sliders.
Fixed issue that would fail to validate license when it renewed, requiring reentering keycode.
Fixed Anim Recovery detecting Save As.
Fixed mirror failing on single frame without a key.
Fixed Motion Trail getting out of sync at current frame on Maya 2019.
  Published Thursday 20th of August 2020 07:26:21 PM
1.4.x stabilization pass.
Fixed some exceptions.
Fixed dialog not showing update list properly.
  Published Wednesday 19th of August 2020 09:47:29 PM
Added right click on Select Sets Window to allow restoring pinned options.
Fixed Selection Display showing at launch regardless of workspace configuration.
Fixed RLM licensing connection for Python 3.
Fixed undo issues with Reset Pose.
Fixed refresh issues with Motion Trail introduced in 1.4.7.
Fixed issue with Motion Trail causing overhead processing when multiple viewports.
Fixed mayapy path for Python 3.
Fixed exeption with Time Bookmarks and Python 3 when toggling visibility.
  Published Friday 7th of August 2020 05:07:01 PM
Some important fixes for people on Maya 2020.
Fixed Motion Trail and Maya cache playback incompatibility.
Fixed dialog showing up when using Sliders and Select Sets Pop Up through a hotkey.
Fixed issue with Maya 2020 crashing when using Go To Next Key or Play Frames when Motion Trail was active.
  Published Thursday 6th of August 2020 03:56:41 AM
Getting ready for the future, first Python 2-3 hybrid release.
Compiled for Python 2 and 3.
Fixed Memory Errors with Anim Recovery when there was too many DAG changes.
Fixed -object not found- errors when shape nodes were selected.
Fixed a few exceptions.
  Published Tuesday 28th of July 2020 08:29:13 PM
WARNING: This is a Python 3 only release.
  Published Tuesday 28th of July 2020 12:03:40 PM
Fixed some more exceptions.
Fixed offline activation (broken on 1.4.2).
  Published Thursday 23rd of July 2020 08:57:41 PM
Fixed problems with the new Smart Euler Filter and many other exceptions.
Added Top and Bottom of Status Line option for toolbar position in workspaces.
Fixed problems with Smart Euler Filter.
Fixed issue with Xform Relationship pasting to the entire timeline if only one object was selected.
  Published Tuesday 21st of July 2020 09:01:28 PM
Fixed many exceptions.
Fixed issue with Xform Lightning Mode for certain controls with locked rotations.
Fixed TypeError when setting workspace.
Fixed kInvalidParameter with Anim Recovery.
Fixed - No object matches name - for Smart Euler Filter after mirroring.
Fixed AttributeError exception in Anim Transfer.
Fixed KeyError with Anim Transfer.
Fixed Frame Next Second.
  Published Friday 17th of July 2020 05:52:53 PM
The greatest update since official release!
WARNING!!! Some tools moved around, please watch this video:
Smart Euler Filter
Sliders Pop Up
Select Sets Pop Up
Mirror To Frame
Tweener Euler Filter (it is now Smart Euler Filter)
World Space Mode toggle (it is now directly new sliders)
Boosted animBot launch time and overall speed.
Added non exposed Rotation Order for Attribute Switcher, Pose Transfer, Anim Transfer. For Enterprise Edition, a pipeline admin can override this by disabling nonExposedRotationOrder.
Selection Attribute Space Switcher now bundles up same attributes, so we can switch multiple same-as attributes at once, i.e. all IKs to parent space or all rotation orders to zxy.
Improved Attribute Space Switcher buttons right-click window for adding/customizing xform targets.
Added Transparency Mode for Select Sets.
Improved update performance of Time Bookmarks.
Promoted Apply Euler Filter to Apply Smart Euler Filter. Now you can apply euler filter only to selected keys.
Added Print Command Output option, that will print commands on the Script Editor to help building macros (option available on the search tool).
Added progress bar to balloon dialogs that closes automatically.
Moved a few .anb data from animBot_data to animBot_tmp_data.
Channel Box Selection Timeline Highlight is a bit more visible.
Removed Yellow Slider World Space toggle and added world space modes as solo sliders for faster access.
Removed individual Overshoot toggle for green and yellow slider and added a single toggle button at the far right (white buttons).
Cut out some UI real estate fat.
Extra Tools now can be individually pinned to the toolbar.
Moved Blend to Mirror to Pink Sliders (more pink sliders to come).
Improved visual feedback for blend to frame sliders.
Added Select Sets right click options directly on the Select Sets window (Select Sets More).
Fixed Select Sets crashes when deleting/creating sets while snapping yellow line was visible.
Fixed issues with assigning hotkey Shift+Key for non-alpha characters.
Fixed kExcludeMotionTrails issue with Motion Trail on Maya 2016.
Added support for Latin encoding in username characteres.
Fixed issue with sliders in world space when isolating channels.
Fixed set smart key bake when isolating channels.
Fixed issues with Paste World Space multi frames would flip certain controls. Added option to override xform lightning mode.
Fixed issue where clicking on Motion Trail button many times too fast would crash Maya.
Fixed issue where user could not switch rotation order for a range selected.
Fixed xform issues.
Fixed issue when pasting xform to a single key would apply to a range if decimal keys were present.
Fixed issue when switching multiframes attributes for a single frame would not update the xform correctly.
Fixed issue with Attribute Switcher Window would hang on screen until mouse is over it.
Fixed issue where, when Anim Recovery is ON, it makes Maya asks to save an empty file.
Fixed the issue where Maya standalone sessions would fail when mayapy is not at default location. This will fix issues with Anim Recovery missing data when rolling back in time and when recovery data would take tons of disk space due to clean up process failing.
Fixed windows and balloon dialogs showing up on the wrong monitor when using more than one monitor.
Fixed issue with assigning Shift+Space and + hotkeys.
Fixed Select Set window would need several refreshes when multiple items were removed from outliner.
Fixed issue where highlighting the timeline and using Reset Pose would reset only the current frame.
Fixed issue where a Smart Select Sets Tab would be empty if the source character is not in the scene.
Fixed issue where a pose changed by an animBot tool would get affected by Micro Manipulator.
  Published Thursday 23rd of April 2020 01:33:32 PM
Fixed issue that would freeze Maya 2016 when showing gifs on tooltips.
Fixed Smart Go To Next Color Key getting stuck at last frame when first key would not match the color
Fixed Anim Recovery Save Anchor Checkpoints checkbox sync with dialog.
  Published Tuesday 21st of April 2020 11:12:33 PM
Import Animation
Export Animation
Import Pose
Export Pose
Mirror To Right
Mirror To Left
Smart Go To Next Color Key
Smart Go To Previous Color Key
Play Color Keys
Quick Import Time Bookmarks
Quick Export Time Bookmarks
Import Time Bookmarks
Export Time Bookmarks
Pop up UIs show under animBot toolbar if it is at the top (Select Sets, Selection Display, Attribute Space Switcher).
Improved character matching algorithm for Pose Anim transfer and Smart Select Sets.
Added prevention to accidental use for Precise Transform.
Added shortcuts to Select Sets right click functions.
Added Set Maya Global Tangent for tangent buttons right click menu.
Added Anim Recovery file extension (anr), to facilitate file sorting.
Added Anim Recovery tweakeable options: Save Anchor Checkpoints and Cleanup Checkpoints.
Added - Do not show this again - checkbox for the Anim Recovery suggest to save dialog.
Added Dialog Defaults button in preferences.
Select Sets window position is now remembered between Maya sessions.
Added qtLibrary config variable to load a custom Qt library (Enterprise Edition).
Fixed issues with non-ascii paths incompatibility.
Fixed xform issues for joint nodes controls (Align, Space Switcher, Copy Xform, Temp Pivot).
Fixed drag/drop update for Windows 10 users.
  Published Thursday 13th of February 2020 04:10:31 PM
Pre compiled for Maya 2021
Fixed issue with Temp Pivot, introduced in v1.2.3
  Published Wednesday 11th of December 2019 07:08:16 PM
Fixed UI Grid Layout issues with Maya 2020
  Published Friday 29th of November 2019 08:18:56 PM
Added proper error dialog when rlm library file permissions is not set as readable and executable
Introducing compatibility to Maya 2020
Motion Trail updates on playback again
Fixed issue when creating a Time Bookmark with a space character
Fixed issue when using a hotkey immediately after a selection change would apply the action on the previous selection
Fixed issue with search freezing or slowing down Maya when typing 6 or more characters
  Published Tuesday 19th of November 2019 07:43:15 PM
Added proper error dialog when rlm library file permissions is not set as readable and executable
Introducing compatibility to Maya 2020
Fixed issue when creating a Time Bookmark with a space character
Fixed issue when using a hotkey immediately after a selection change would apply the action on the previous selection
  Published Thursday 7th of November 2019 03:54:50 PM
No changes from 1.2.1, just a duplicated version to test previous updating process fix
  Published Thursday 7th of November 2019 03:24:44 PM
Added Motion Trail Frames Before and After option - 48 frames
Simplified the shelf command: import animBot; animBot.toggle() (no need to replace the old one, it will continue to work)
Added timeline to gifs
Fixed updating process for Windows 10 users (updating to this version still needs to be done manually)
Fixed Java 6 dependency for MacOSX Catalina and latest Mojave versions
Fixed error Metadata License File does not exist
Fixed Motion Trail vertex tracking issue
Fixed update issue that would remove the animBot folder when the download failed
  Published Friday 25th of October 2019 09:17:20 PM
New Motion Trail feature: Orientation Tracking
New Motion Trail feature: Transparency Falloff
New Motion Trail style: Gimbal Lock Temperature
Motion Trail visibility now can be toggled individually in viewports (Motion Trails checkbox)
Motion Trail viewport drawing and frame rate performance boost
OpenAnimBot introduction, added a callback that detects animBot nodes ouf of the default hierarchy
Added more security for the user keycode as well as more convenience by keeping it registered
Fixed tooltip showing up far from the button when pressing mod keys
Fixed issue with Motion Trail when camera is animated and current frame snaps away from the correct spot
Fixed Motion Trail drawing trail offsetted or in the wrong scale when in Camera Space mode
Fixed some crash issues with Motion Trail
Fixed Motion trail update issues after undoing
Fixed issue with selecting Motion Trail offset from the drop down men
Fixed issue where license activation is lost and prompt user for a trial
Fixed issue where some users experienced WindowsError: [Error 183] when launching animBot
  Published Tuesday 20th of August 2019 02:14:50 PM
Fixed snapshot and mirror exceptions and added extra debugger
  Published Friday 7th of June 2019 04:01:55 PM
Improved the stability of the host ID
Launches toolbar when using any hotkey
Fixed Anim Recovery dialog when using a hotkey before launching the toolbar
  Published Wednesday 15th of May 2019 01:14:34 PM
Introduced support for Educational Edition
Improved the stability of the host ID
Cleaned up QLayout console messages
  Published Wednesday 17th of April 2019 03:26:21 PM
Fixed project file permissions
  Published Monday 15th of April 2019 07:43:25 PM
Downgraded RLM from v13.02 to v12.42 for extra compatibility
Cleaned up QPainter console error messages
  Published Friday 12th of April 2019 08:04:21 PM
Fix for Maya 2017 workspace switch
Fixed ValueError substring not found using Smart Tab Selection Sets
Hotfix for Attribute Space Switcher crash when rolling pointer over a rotation order attribute
  Published Thursday 11th of April 2019 07:52:54 PM
Fix for linux 6 RLM compatibility
  Published Friday 5th of April 2019 03:52:43 PM
Added warning when config.json file has syntax errors
Fixed crashes with Selection Sets
Fixed Smart Sets creating double buttons
Fixed Attribute Space Switcher crash when rolling pointer over a rotation order attribute
Fixed issue with Premium licenses not receiving latest updates warnings
  Published Tuesday 2nd of April 2019 06:47:29 PM
Improved how the import animBot works
Added debugging for Anim Recovery loading checkpoints
Fixed Anim Recovery target fileter for loading checkpoints from Time Machine after a crash
  Published Friday 29th of March 2019 03:25:08 PM
Hotfix 3 for QObjects overwritten
  Published Thursday 28th of March 2019 04:32:10 PM
Hotfix 2 for QObjects overwritten
  Published Thursday 28th of March 2019 03:58:34 AM
Hotfix for QObjects overwritten
  Published Wednesday 27th of March 2019 06:14:03 PM
Implemented option for pipeline administrators to disabled tools selectively
Fixed issue for cases where QObjects have been previously overwritten
  Published Tuesday 19th of March 2019 05:11:29 PM
Added ability to set environment variables to build a custom Temp Data Directory
  Published Friday 15th of March 2019 03:23:29 PM
Added warning if Enterprise Edition installation is detected in the user location
  Published Tuesday 12th of March 2019 02:37:44 PM
Added env variable ANIMBOT_CONFIGJSONPATH to customize config.json file location
Hotfix for Win 10 memory leak issue for RLM licensing on Enterprise Edition
  Published Monday 11th of March 2019 07:52:07 PM
Fixed Win 10 memory leak issue for RLM licensing on Enterprise Edition
  Published Monday 4th of March 2019 08:16:56 PM
Added rlmServerHost variable to config.json
Fixed Enterprise Edition undo cache issue
  Published Tuesday 26th of February 2019 06:22:22 PM
Removed variable centralInstallation from config.json file.
  Published Monday 25th of February 2019 06:07:31 PM
RLM Float Licensing System implemented for Enterprise Edition
Version 1.0.17
  Published Tuesday 13th of April 2021 02:46:26 PM
Last Bundled 1.x.
Fixed Select Sets staying on top of other windows and apps.
Fixed issue where Workspace menu Restore Defaults would not show up.
Version 1.0.16
  Published Wednesday 2nd of December 2020 03:24:45 PM
Tons of updates for Eco Edition and Lifetime Edition users. This release has all the bug fixes and improvements up to the version 1.4.26, with the exception of the new features: Workspace, Sliders Pop Up, Select Sets Pop Up and Mirror To Frame. Visit the link below for details:
Please note that the Overshoot for the sliders moved to the far side of the toolbar!
Blend to Mirror also moved to the pink sliders section (Xform Sliders).
Version 1.0.15
  Published Monday 24th of February 2020 07:34:15 PM
Introducing compatibility to Maya 2020 to Bundled release
  Published Saturday 30th of November 2019 12:18:06 AM
Blended all Ongoing version fixes up to 1.2.4
  Published Friday 14th of June 2019 03:05:51 PM
Improved the stability of the host ID
  Published Friday 5th of April 2019 04:34:55 PM
Fixed crashes with Selection Sets
Fixed Smart Sets creating double buttons
Fixed Attribute Space Switcher crash when rolling pointer over a rotation order attribute
  Published Friday 15th of March 2019 02:17:08 PM
Fix for issue of not displaying the deactivation panel link for Lifetime Edition users when reached max available slots
  Published Friday 8th of February 2019 04:41:52 PM
Fix for Anim Recovery Anchor Checkpoints and Cleanup processes
Fixed issue with Anim Recovery toggle stuck either ON or OFF
Fixed error writing file in Module: animBotLib Line: 77
  Published Tuesday 5th of February 2019 04:47:01 PM
Fixed issue where Maya scripts path is set with uppercase and real path is lowercase
  Published Friday 25th of January 2019 04:42:51 PM
Another hotfix for some users still experiencing corrupted files messages
  Published Tuesday 22nd of January 2019 04:25:13 PM
Hotfix for some users still experiencing corrupted files messages
  Published Friday 18th of January 2019 04:26:59 PM
Removed Anim Recovery debug messages
Hotfix for ImportError: No module named controller.win64.controller
Attempt to fix standalone Maya sessions crashes
  Published Thursday 17th of January 2019 04:21:41 PM
Improved the reactivation experience after an animBot update
Fixed ImportError: No module named controller.win64.controller
Fixed broken Smart Select Sets Tabs
  Published Tuesday 15th of January 2019 04:22:08 PM
Setup for bypassing trial period in Enterprise mode
Fixed issue with sluggerish while hovering Ctrl over sliders
Fixed issue with expire date being set before it should due to time zone difference
Fixed issue where the update history would not show the latest update at the top
  Published Thursday 10th of January 2019 11:36:59 PM
Another hotfix for some users experiencing corrupted files warning
  Published Wednesday 9th of January 2019 04:23:00 PM
Hotfix for using trial in Enterprise mode
  Published Tuesday 8th of January 2019 03:25:16 PM
Fixed an issue with some users getting corrupted files warning
  Published Saturday 5th of January 2019 12:54:39 AM