animBot Pricing Query

All right guys, the worst part of the project is coming...

Unfortunately for us animators, tools like animBot will never come from Autodesk or any other developer that is not primarily an animator, I lost my hopes a long time ago, that's why I decided to invest so much time and passion in this.

If you've been following the development since I launched it public November last year, you might have an idea of how much work and attention to detail I've been putting into it. What you may not know is that I actually started this project with aTools 5 years ago, I had the idea of this overhaul 3 years ago, had to leave my job at Sony Imageworks to be able to do it (due to contract restrictions), have been coding it for 22 months non-stop everyday after my day job and took more than 100 non-paid days off to work on this. I did all that on my own responsibilty, I don't regret any of it and don't mean to be whiny about it, what I'm trying to say is that earning some money is key to make this project sustainable, if you think I should continue investing my time on it, I don't need a lot, just enough to get by.

This coming release is not close to be the end of the development, I still have lots of ideas of improvements and new tools that will continue to make your life easier, I plan to keep working very hard on it. Up to now I took the risk all by myself, from now on it's up to YOU to decide wether or not I should keep working on it and how much time I should keep investing, or maybe you want me to just stop it and call it done, that's what I want to know with this survey.

Below are some hypothetical scenarios that I want you to pick from (or none of them), so that I can feel how much money you are willing to invest versus how much work you expect from me. Those prices and options are symbolical but close to reality, there is still a variable that I don't know: how many people are willing to join. At the end I will pencil down on just a few options, I want to have at least one good option for companies and one good option for individuals, which could be created mixing those options below, according to YOUR response.

You are smart, I truly believe you understand how important this is to make this tool survive thru the years to come ;)

(Pricing below is in US dollars)

* Details explained

Price is per user, an individual should not pay for more than one license (will be able to use it at home, laptop, work with a single license)
A version will be considered stable when there is no major issue spotted within 3 weeks of release
Internet connection required means your Maya will need to be connected to the internet while using animBot so that bug reports will be sent automatically (if your internet is down, you will be able to use it for up to 2 days though) Beware that big companies usually do not allow internet access thru Maya.
General support priority timing response goal: High - within 2 days, Medium - within 2 weeks, Low - within 1 month, No - no response guaranteed.
Support for future Maya versions will depend on Autodesk not screwing us up and I can't do anything about it
Update frequency includes bug fixes, improvements and new features
Bug risks is calculated based on the balance between versioning control, mandatory updates, support and update frequency.

"High productivity tools not included" could be a few or all tools below:

Noise Wave slider, Time Offsetter slider, Simplify Bake Keys slider, Smooth Rough slider, Blend to Buffer slider, Blend to Frame slider, Blend to Mirror slider, World Space Mode for yellow sliders, Polished Tangent, Select Sets Isolate feature, Paste Pose/Anim To..., Auto Mirror, Mirror All Keys, Align All Keys, Auto Xform, Paste Xform Bake Frames, Paste Xform All Keys, Attribute Switch All Keys, Global Offset limited to 50 frames, Time Bookmarks, Smart Snap Keys, Anim Recovery Time Machine feature (crash recovery still available)